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Robert returns but remains evasive about his absence. Michelle catches Robert lying about his whereabouts. Gary despairs when Rick targets Alex. Will student James's unconventional party trick impress Emilie?

Will self-confessed nerd Mark sweet talk archaeologist Sophie with tales of battle grounds and pyramids? Fresh singletons visit the restaurant and favourite First Dates daters return for a special festive episode celebrating Fred and his team's successes, text hookup apps engagements and the first First Dates baby! Sabotage threatens the grand opening of the barber's.

Toyah discovers Wayne's stolen report in Nick's bedroom. Alex was incredulous and punched him a second time causing the two to fight. Steve began to wonder why he was so tempted by Abi and started to reconsider marrying Tracy - all this ended in him sleeping with Leanne Battersby. And do Queen fans Gemma and Paolo discover a kind of magic? And can Olympic kickboxer Aston inspire Olympic bobsleigh athlete Jordan to turn over a new leaf and settle down?

  • Freda realises how much Norris cares for Mary.
  • Instead, she phones her husband Paul Sean Gallagher who hurries to the factory and helps her cover up the accident.
  • After some persuasion from Rita, Norris later retracts his proposal but Doreen declines George and Ivor's proposals too, stating that she has changed her mind about getting married.
  1. Geoff keeps Yasmeen cooped up at home under his protection.
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  3. Amy ponders how to avoid attending her scan.
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However, Jodie explained that Wilf was not good with names and that this was simply his method of addressing people informally. Sinead finally meets her baby boy. Can charmer Hussein handle bricklayer Molly's banter? Share your thoughts with other customers.

Grief stalks the street following the factory roof collapse. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. You can control and rule with an iron fist. Will Star Wars fan Rachel give self-confessed nerd Lachlan a new hope? Gemma catches Paul stealing from Roy.

Liam even clocks Kasia in at eight o'clock, the time that her legal shift was due to begin, in an attempt to avoid further questions and cover their tracks. Kirk aims to restore peace at Bertie's chaotic christening party. Nick makes Leanne feel guilty. In this special Valentine's episode, Mayfair-based Miki is looking for a man to treat her like a princess. Sarah drowns her sorrows over Gary.

Jodie then retaliates by calling Cilla a liar. However, Tracy ultimately discovered that the reason Steve and Abi had become close was because she was helping him practice the first dance routine. She won her episode and was the overall winner of the first series. Seb cements his fate by losing control of his temper. Carla could hold the key to the arsonist's identity.

His Tandang Alliance crumbled after Lisa Whelchel and Michael Skupin grew dissatisfied with their treatment within the alliance and defected. And a steamy first kiss is on the cards. Darren treated Abi poorly, and would often physically abuse Seb who would take the beatings so that the twins wouldn't have to.

And Will vet Simon see past lawyer Arunima's wheelchair? That same Tribal Council, Malcolm revealed his Hidden Immunity Idol to his whole tribe, putting a real target on his back for the first time but also gaining the trust of his allies. Clayton's enemies get too close for Shona's comfort.

Audrey accuses Claudia of stealing her money. Harry is a wide-boy, someone who enjoys ducking and diving. Gary fights for his life against a vengeful Rick.

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Student Leah's on her first ever date. In this episode there's a double date as year-old best mates Josh and Jack visit the restaurant. Clancy later apologised for the column. What will she make of gentleman Mehmet? Nick frantically strives to keep the truth from Audrey.

Interview Will it be plain sailing for Peter

Mary reels when Freda delivers a bombshell from Norris. At a chaotic Tribal Council, J. Issac, who's getting his life back on track after being homeless for three years, hook up free meets feisty Maya. Harry's interference in Dan's love life continues when he ruins Dan's chances of bedding factory machinist Kelly Crabtree Tupele Dorgu. It was reported in April that Harry's ex-wife Clarissa would be coming to the Street.

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The pair also started to form a bond, as J. Rick forces a reluctant Gary to work for him. Shona hopes to see Clayton at his father's funeral.

Carla receives a chilling message on Aidan's birthday. Audio Languages Audio Languages. However, Eileen had also offered Seb the job and he reacted angrily to discover that his mother had already taken the position.

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And do chat-up lines work in modern dating? Gemma packs her bags to go and live with her mum. Gary makes a confession to Imran. You just have to be clever enough for them to thank you for it in the end. Rajan's back for another date.

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Tracy kept her involvement in the crash quiet and was left unable to help Abi as she lost her job as a result of punching Kevin, who believed her to be guilty. Nick was last seen in April when Michelle was about to go to Ireland with Alex and Ryan to see her parents. On the outside, Seb located Tracy and told her that he knew she was the true culprit for sabotaging the car and that, unlike his mother, he wasn't against reporting someone to the police.

Peter planned to tell Abi that she was uninvited but was beaten to it by Seb, who had overheard his and Simon's conversation in the cafe. Frank Nicholls is an elderly man who is first introduced when Cilla Battersby-Brown Wendi Peters gets a job at his care home. She had started dating a rich boyfriend and had no intention of returning. She meets her date Liam, who likens dating to hunting a gazelle.

Additional restrictions may apply. It was then that his blood group was checked. Chelsea girl Montana meets cheeky chappy Joe. Roll-neck-phobe Lucy returns to the restaurant, and this time men are off the menu.

Rewatched an unhealthy amount of Disney movies and discovered I relate more to the villains. Carl and Marissa's date gets intense, spiritual and really quite steamy. Shona and Clayton are rushed into hospital. Meanwhile, dating teacher Masackia doesn't like exotic food but would like an exotic man.

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His prolonged presence at the Rovers caused Ryan to move in with Liam and Maria. Mum and daughter Maria and Charlotte visit the restaurant for the mother of all double dates. Will charming pilot Paul hit it off with gorgeous mum Maria? Ken refuses to haul Peter out of rehab to be at Carla's side.

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