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Retouchers and photographers. The Perspective plugin lets you pan, tilt, rotate, reposition and resize an image. Chalkaholic Lite is a pluginfor drawing-style effects. Fractalius creates beautiful fractal textures from images. Blow Up uses an innovative algorithm that temporarily converts pixels to a vector representation that results in perfectly smooth, crisp edges.

The 38 best Photoshop plugins

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It can instantly correct and enhance images. Mosaic makes your photos look as if they were created out of a mosaic tile. It also offers many presets which can be fine tuned for your requirements. The Auto White Balance plugin tries to color correct an image without any user input. Its home page is not available anymore.

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AutoEye is a useful tool for image editing if you have no clue about color correction or processes such as adjustment, curves, levels, cast removals, contrast and histograms. To get the plugin you have to enter a name and valid email address. Open the image application you usually use to apply plugins and there they are!

Sketch Master is a manipulation tool for creating realistic hand drawings derived from photos. With just a few sliders, you can better expose your digital photos.

Background Maniac Filters - Currently Down Various plugins that produce knitted backgrounds, oriental patterns and other cloth textures. For more PixelBender filters see here.

You need to create an account to download it. So to use it, you either need to convert your image to grayscale or only select one image channel before applying it.

Add the power of the Nik Collection by Google to your workflow today. Xpose is a simple exposure adjustment plugin. Drag and drop layers to create new characters, and capture any colour, shade or texture you desire. Everyone needs a bit of stock imagery now and then, so why make things difficult for yourself?

It supports batch image processing for editing many images at once. Plugins aside, though, if you have time to acquire extreme skills, we encourage you to do so because there is nothing better than learning something new. Plugin and the FantasyWarp plugin for Windows for free, too.

The 38 best Photoshop pluginsFree Photoshop plugins

Create stunning images faster. Discover all the new features here. It can copy, mirror, stretch or add a stripe in order to fill the frame. Beside the free demo version there are also commercial Studio and Pro versions that offer more features, enhanced printer driver support and custom printer profiles. Need to move from one computer to another?

The Quantizer and ColorDither plugins provide various methods for color reduction with the help of various quantization and dithering methods. The old Windows plugins of each Works series have been combined to a single plugin, which lets you select the individual filters from a drop-down menu.

Available for both Photoshop and After Effects, logo design online and Contrastica is a smart contrast intensifier. Beside the filter development plugin itself there are some interesting Photoshop-compatible plugins included that were created with Filter Meister.

But one should have extreme skills, plenty of experience and a great deal of time before retouching images or creating graphics pixel by pixel. Unfortunately you can not apply the effect to the image. The effect range varies from color effects, art effects, grain effects to noise removal and image enhancement.

Simulated texture and film grain keep photos looking natural even in extreme enlargements. The Wide Histogram plugin displays enhanced histogram of bit images.

Xpose is an exposure adjustment plugin. Fluid Mask makes this normally laborious process quick and relatively easy. Dreamy Photo gives images a soft romantic feel. It offers presets, a split-screen preview and a batch processing option. There is a Freeware main effect in the demo version, which does not apply a watermark.

One should know how to use Photoshop to its full potential to get the most stunning results. These plugins were created by a Japanese programmer and offer some interesting effects you shouldn't miss. It is a bit hard to get used to the pink dialog of these plugins, but otherwise they look quite useful.

Ready to start creating your own fonts? With this plugin you can convert any circle into a square. Over templates are available as standard and users can even create custom templates.

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It is a format plugin that lets you open images in the Genuine Fractals. It offers flexible multi-page layouts with three layout types. For more information see here. The Adaptive Equalization plugin increases the local contrast of images by reducing overall dynamic range. The Optorsion plugin creates optical distortion including chromatic aberration.

Depth of field is a difficult effect to get right, but this plug-in allows you to achieve it easily. It offers a preview and several options for adjusting exposure, white balance, contrast, sharpness, saturation and color space.

It uses a unique fractal-based algorithm to increase the size of images by creating artificial details that are relatively similar to the original details. That is why it only works with grayscale images. The Face Control plugin allows you to change facial expressions in a simple fashion. They generate nice kaleidoscopic and chess-like patterns.

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There's a free demo version so you can give it a try before you buy. Retrodots is a simple plugin that generates dot grids which can be based on selections.

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