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Janice and Jim already had a table for us when Bob and I arrived for lunch. He finally parked at a cocktail lounge. It was a matter of going out for awhile, then going home for sex.

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It was nice to get more acquainted with each other. Now his bare cock was pressing against my nude body ready to fuck me. We made small talk about our lives and what had happened in the past. We would be much more comfortable back at my home. Jim is probably on his way over here now to pick up his date for the evening.

But, I plan to have a good time, too. When we were through eating and continuing to have coffee, I assumed someone would suggested getting together this evening at one of our homes. The best way for me to explore his cock was to take it in my mouth. He positioned himself to allow me to move the head up and down my slit to mix his precum with my wetness. Never make a first date that will last longer than an hour.

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He suggested we get out of the car and walk. That way we wouldn't be drinking very much and I preferred to meet the couple in daylight hours for a short time to decide if we wanted to meet again. His voice was pleasant and we made lively small talk. About that time, seno naturale o rifatto yahoo dating someone walked near us. He knew Jim would undress her later tonight in this bedroom to see her completely naked.

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The feeling was very erotic. Now that we both were naked, he picked me up to carry me to the bed.

Maybe there was something in our mutual sex life that was missing for him. Then my thoughts turned to my husband.

Of course, he will want to know what I did, too. Let your date know before you meet that you have another commitment in about an hour. He laid me down and proceeded to kiss and suck my nipples. Before he said that, I was beginning to wonder if he was disappointed in sex with me.

After several agonizing days of talking about it, I agreed to his suggestion. He was very gentle and I was enjoying it.

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After a few minutes, we rolled over for me to sit on and ride his cock. When he quieted down some, he started sucking my clit again. This is the best way, no secrets.

He held my breasts to keep them from bouncing up and down so much. Then we walked down the hall to the master bedroom.

Tom Cruise, Cher Dating Again?