Cswip 3.1 Course Material

Ductility is not actually measured but it is demonstrated to be satisfactory if test specimens can withstand being bent without fracture or fissures above a certain length. This imperfection can become a problem, as the angle of the weld toe can be sharp, leading to an increased stress concentration at the toes of the weld and fatigue cracking. The angle between root line and the positive X axis of the horizontal reference plane, measured in mathematically positive direction ie counter-clockwise. Penetrants are attracted into surface-breaking discontinuities by capillary forces. Compression and a shear wave probe.

Cswip 3.1 course material

The main problems related to this type of weld are poor fatigue resistance and the probability of crevice corrosion between the parent metal and the backing strip. Alternatively, the test may be for information so that a value can be used for an engineering critical assessment. Compare Quotations and seal the deal. Joint A connection where the individual components, suitably prepared and assembled, are joined by welding or brazing.

Witnessing of welder and procedure approval tests Witnessing the preparation of test pieces and destructive tests, and verifying compliance with appropriate standards and specifications. Included angle The angle between the planes of the fusion faces of parts to be welded.

The zone on the side of the first run furthest from the welder. When examined from the root side, you can clearly see one or both of the root edges unmelted.

Rockwell hardness test - uses a diamond cone indenter or steel ball. The surface of a fusion weld exposed on the side from which the weld has been made. Use austenitic or nickel filler avoid susceptible microstructure formation and allow hydrogen diffusion out of critical areas.

These only become a problem when large or sharp-edged inclusions are produced. Simplified probe arrays have greatly reduced the complexity of setting-up the automated system to carry out a particular task. Also known as effective throat thickness. Opting for the eLearning package when enrolling has been proven to lead to better results. Methods of applying the red dye during dye penetrant inspection.

Cswip 3.1 course material

Heat Treatment The different types of heat treatment that are used in material manufacture and welding operations. Superficial implies that, after removal of the defect, the remaining material thickness is sufficient not to require the addition of further weld metal. In some cases it will be acceptable to use a procedure qualified for making new joints whether filling an excavation or making a complete joint. Description Topics Specifications View demo.

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Brinell hardness test - uses a ball indenter. These tests are specified for welder qualification testing to European Standards as an alternative to radiography. Like the old driving test Friday afternoon failures eh! An imperfection produced by a local rupture in the solid state, which may arise from the effect of cooling or stresses.

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The particles will normally be in a liquid suspension, usually applied by spraying. The imperfection is of an irregular shape and thus differs in appearance from a gas pore. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Welding An operation in which two or more parts are united by means of heat or pressure or both, in such a way that there is continuity in the nature of the metal between these parts.

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This lack of sensitivity to planar defects makes radiography an unsuitable technique where a fitness-for-purpose approach is taken when assessing the acceptability of a weld. The notch profile may be square, V or U shape. This means that visual inspection of the finished weld is a minimum requirement. Backing strips can be permanent or temporary. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Hope for a pass in second retest. Hi Huha, mind to share how do you appeal for your test?

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For each test condition position of notch and test temperature it is usual practice to carry out three tests. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. To fill the crater for this process it is necessary to reduce the weld current slope out in a series of descending steps until the arc is extinguished. These elongated pores can appear as a herring-bone array on a radiograph.

Bgas Cswip Painting Inspection Training. Need a Preparatory Course? You can also make a note of any topics you found difficult, and make a note to ask your tutor when you attend your full, classroom-based course. This is considered in detail in a separate section of these course notes. Due to the smooth blending between the weld face and the surrounding parent material, allmyapps for pc the stress concentration effect at the toes of the weld is reduced compared with the previous type.

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This results in random areas of fused metal where the electrode, holder, or current return clamp have accidentally touched the work. Temporary types include copper strips, ceramic tiles and fluxes. SlideShare Explore Search You.

In certain cases dry particles may be applied by a gentle jet of air. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Weldability of Steels Definition of the term weldability, characteristics of steel alloys and their cracking mechanisms.

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Typical screen display when using a shear wave probe. Blend the weld profile reduce stress concentration at the toes of the weld. Gamma-sources produce a number of specific quantum energies which are unique for any particular isotope.

This means that for a comprehensive test the magnetic field must normally be applied in two directions, which are mutually perpendicular. Metal to be joined or surfaced by welding, braze welding or brazing. These two stages create the terraced appearance of these cracks. Portability falls off rapidly with increasing kilovoltage and radiation output. You can also speed through those areas where you have greater knowledge and more confidence.

Magnetic particle inspection using a yoke. The depth-to-width ratio of the solidifying weld bead is large deep and narrow. As a consequence, this type of weld is usually produced using mechanised or automatic welding processes.

The test piece details are shown below. Welder approvals Verification that adequate and valid welder approvals are available, and that only approved welders as required are used in production. Specimens are then fitted into the jaws of a tensile testing machine and subjected to a continually increasing tensile force until the specimen fractures. This feature of a weld is regarded as an imperfection only when the height of the excess weld metal is greater than a specified limit. Ye seem on a one man crusade on this couurse.