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Middle models feature a change to three struts. Finish in great shape with only normal, minor wear see photos. Due to the different construction of the motors between the two frame styles, the motor tags were different until, I think, the models where the same tags appears to have been used. The regulator coil in the base was held in place with brass strap brackets.

It is a common mistake for homeowners to replace a light fixture with a ceiling fan without upgrading to a proper junction box. Below is an solid frame with the cage badge. It's one of the later versions.

That way you could narrow it down to when the change in struts vs serial numbers took place. The original finish still intact with normal chipping and wear. The headwire has been replaced. Still faintly visible is the gold pin striping on the base and motor. Like all Hunter desk fans, this one is excellent for daily use and I usually use it at work.

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In very rare case, such as late Hunter Original, fans are both mechanically reversible and electrically reversible, in which case it can blow air up, or down, dating for 60 in either direction. Sometime along it long life this fan acquired the Vortalex blades you see it with here. The motor bearings have no issues. This is a fantastic piece that has received probably more restoration work than any fan we've had.

Nice simple fans with a neat old appearance. The white porcelain switch is unusual and the only one of two that I am aware of. Pure eye candy and a definite contender. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Below are some hyperlinks that you can click on and see some of the fans from my collection.

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  • Recently I had the chance to see a very original and unmessed with pancake.
  • The owner sent me these huge photos and, with his permission, I post them here.
  • Unlike modern rotary fans, these punkah fans move air by moving to and from, and were operated manually by cord.
  • The gearbox was cleaned, inspected, and new grease was put in.

Maybe it would be easier if I sent some pictures if you're interested in helping or maybe you can just decipher what I'm talking about from my terrible description. There's the early models, with full ribbed bases that now housed the switch and coil. Extremely clean original black satin finish. Among it's features it boasts Parker blades and includes a bullet added to the rear of the fan to hide the oscillator and give the fan a sleeker, more streamline look. If the code does prove to be always a date code, I wonder if the serial number position was used as a shop number on some specialty fans?

  1. That may be the smallest number I have seen.
  2. Any idea what year this would be?
  3. Yes, cast iron is very fragile.
  4. The oil cup on this fan has been screwed into the threaded hole above the bearing where there should be a screw that holds the bearing in place.
  5. Late models have a half ribbed base and the eight wire cages and stamped brass blade hubs start to show up.
  6. This section does not cite any sources.

The rippled washer has an extended arm which goes downward and is slipped over a protruding pin on the side of the trunnion arm. The very bottom rim of the base is much narrower than on the fully ribbed base models. Isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder? It has a fully ribbed base.

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The blades should lead with the upturned side as they spin. All wiring is within the base going up to the motor which is a rigid part of the motor casting. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. This fan is finished in an attractive brown crinkle finish and does not oscillate. Some finish chipping on motor, and virtually none on base.

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Looking behind the cage badge you will see the brass disc used for the past few years which is held in place by the small crimps around the outside of the rear of the badge. The badge is attached with the nut and washer. This article needs additional citations for verification.

On the other hand, I do have quite a few more fans than would really be required for the summer season, and I have bought fans that do not work simply to have them. The off escutcheon is screwed on in smile position. Runs quiet, smooth and fast. The portion entering the rear ring was narrowed down slightly to fit a hole drilled in the ring, the wire was inserted and then slightly peened over to make the wire tight.

None of my Emerson bulletins mention anything pertaining to this fan dating system. Emerson fans are legendary for their longevity and reliability, and this fan is no exception. The year saw them introduce the Emerson Jr. Research guru extraordinaire Russ Huber sent me this copy of a Emerson spare parts guide. Cool fans for sure but I already miss those wing bolts.

It has cream coloured hand-painted sparse pin striping around the base, the motor and the rear and front of the motor vents where it almost looks like a flower. The badge was slightly different and an integral part of the cage, no longer held on by a small stud and nut. If there are no reproduction of an original pancake switch that should work fine. If you can get that switch mounted in your pancake it should work. Quiet for a large volume fan.

It is done in a hammerer Copper color along with hand painting the Art Deco lines in Silver. Only cosmetic flaw is quarter size dent in outside bezel see photo. Original wall mount pancakes are scarce. There is nothing really unusual from this view, above, of the fan.

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There are two other numbers on the plate. Other visual cues are about the same as the previous year. These fans move a tremendous amount of air! Probably has not been used more than hours in it's life. Due to unprecedented demand we are sold out of that model.

The front motor cover is stamped steel. The motor was disassembled, cleaned, inspected, windings were revarnished and motor was oiled. You should be able to date your fan to a particular year. Fan does run, free houston but usually only slowly.

Wobbling may be reduced by measuring the tip of each blade from a fixed point on the ceiling or floor and ensuring each is equal. This thing sounds like a Formula-One Car when it gets wound up. Its purpose was to return to the oil cup under the bearing any excess oil from the front of the bearing.

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