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But it is crazy that he has gotten huge success and fame over Crooklyn Clan mashups. That whole site is tongue in cheek, a joke. Look at Pauly d it's the same thing. There are videos were he plays a premade mix, never touches the turntables, and just dances with a mask.

Bezzle tha world needs ppl like u to keep it goin. If I offended anyone I apologise. If you believe what you see on youtube you're being gullible. What's the point of having that efx?

So when girls say i am scary i say nope i am a sexy clown. People like Pauly D getting famous. Steve is probably the only person on earth who can use Lindsey Lohan to his advantage.

DJ Bl3ND (guy wearing chuckie mask)

How could someone who obsessively quotes the site as law not have read the disclaimer? The thing is though, he did it himself. And this doesn't concern you?


Dj blend to me Is funny and I believe everyone who goes to see him doesn't even care if her has skills. Pauly D, indian sex movie to Blend and soon Paris Hilton.

To me, to you and everyone else in the scene. Any one want to trade music? And no, I didn't have a conversation with You. He also had a crate already prepared in serato for his set that he just went down the list like it were iTunes mixing song to song bpmbpmbpmbpm and so on.

It's like we have been replaced with millions of imbeciles who don't know any better. Numbers, dots and dashes are ok, too. It was time for someone to stand-up and say something.

Who's the girl mixing on that video u posted? The more unhumane you are and look the more people will follow you.

If they talking, you doing something right. Anyone who has ever played a song over bpm should quit and turn in their technics. The email you used to create your account. But i figured why not give it a try.

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Dj blend club mix

This was all back before the chuckie mask. We based it off your Twitter details.

Believe me, I tried to listen with ears unclouded by hate, but both black and blend are talentless hacks. Seriously I think it's you that should stop already, you get even dumber with every post. He's bringing in so much more money than all the producers that made the shit he's built his fame off of. It's in my studio, it's in the life I live, the travelling, the good times.

Stupid lack of a delete post button. However, his track selection or at least for the set he played was amazing!

He also stares at the screen a lot. There are a few places that want me to gig in their spot. We compiled the list from various Youtube videos which have been collected and posted for your enjoyment. If you don't like a genre, then fine, stay within the your comfort zone. You may already know people on Myspace.

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Dude did you just start Djing or do you just not have a sense of humor? Would you think a music video sucks because they aren't really performing in it? Again, what does that have to do with what you and I are talking about at this moment. At first people are scared and hesitant, but then they see that i am a pretty cool dude. That doesn't mean Dj's can't have an opinion about his skill or whatever, we're a Dj board, what else do you expect?