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The linear refractive index was estimated by the Brewster angle measurement. The measured spectra reported in Fig. Actuator ion could be added in the tellurite glass matrix to improve the non-radiative transfer by introducing higher phonon energy.

These terms can be considered constant from host to host. The Raman spectra are shown in Fig. For the codoped glasses shown in Fig.

The main problem is the low absorption cross-section of erbium at the pumping wavelength related to the small concentration of erbium which can be introduced. Absorption and luminescence measurements All the absorption and luminescence experiments were recorded at room temperature. Luminescence spectra were recorded using a laser diode excitation source at nm and a liquid nitrogen cooled germanium detector. Raman spectra of the tellurite glass matrix versus sodium tetraborate molar fraction x. As the sodium tetraborate concentration increases these three bands shift to higher wavenumber.

Glass preparation and analysis Fig. This broadening of the absorption and emission spectra remains constant versus the sodium tetraborate concentration. Detection was recorded using a cooled photomultiplier coupled with a photon counting system.

The nm emission line of a argon laser was used for excitation with incident power around mW. The samples were then cut and optically polished. Only the Xt parameters depend on the host material. The normalized measured emission spectrum of the sodium tetraborate tellurite glass shown in Fig.

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Such properties are illustrated in Figs. The Raman spectra were recorded on a triple monochromator instrument.