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Every mag sports a different cover. Advertisement Us Weekly does us the dubious favor of rounding up the latest slew of sexually charged remarks from Will and Jada Smith.

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Having a rock star boyfriend ain't all it's cracked up to be, and when Whitney and Jay tried to work out their lifestyle differences, it ended in a teary goodbye. Emilie de Ravin the new vamp in Rob Pattinson's life? The two guys exchanged some choice words, and Whitney had no choice but to watch it unfold.

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Two's company and three's a crowd, and when Freddie brought his dad along to what was supposed to be an intimate dinner with Whitney, things got puh-retty uncomfortable. As if Daddy Warbucks tagging along on their date wasn't bad enough, pacific islander dating site the Fackelmayer fam continued to shake up Whit's relationship with Freddie in the Hamptons. Star says Jen is dating Brad ley Cooper. And bold horizontal stripes are in! Jada has really nice muscles!

But the best parts are the throwaway tidbits hidden in the article. She's soooo not a stage mom. Sibling rivalry at its best, people. Whit's certainly kissed her fair share of frogs over the years, and from Mr. While out at a club, Alex lunged to Whitney's defense after rumors of Jay's wandering eye found their way to the group.