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So Fugly delves in the latest trend of exploring our Capital Delhi. Jimmy Shergill as R S Choutala is the bright spot of Fugly, he is just superb and rises above the writing with his brilliant portrayal, psp apk another under rated actor of Bollywood. The songs have no relevance to the story and look forced. The four of them decide to teach him a lesson. Salman Khan-King of Cameos.

Another problem is the editing by Shounok Ghosh, it is not crisp and overall flow looks bumpy. The dialogues by director Kabir Sadanand and Rajveer Ahuja ranges from being witty to unintentionally funny. The next scene we see Dev in hospital and his narration is interrupted by Chautala once again. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows.

He has a knack of getting into trouble with police because of this attitude, but the police always ignore his pranks. The hatke quotient stops in the name itself. However, new things begin to unfold, which change their lives forever. This incident changes their life forever and Choutala starts blackmailing them and how these friends fight against Choutala and the system constitutes the rest of the story.

This enrages him and he suspects foul play. As the medics and reporters rush into the room, they find Dev dead and it appears as if Chautala has killed him. As their bond becomes stronger, they eventually fall in love.

The characters look too monotonous and repeated. Kabir also stumbles is extracting a crackling performances by the cast excluding for Jimmy Shergill and Kiara Advani. Was this review helpful to you? Next we see Chautala meets Gaurav's father in an isolated region. Four friends fight against a corrupt police officer who extorts money from them for not framing them in a murder which the officer committed himself.

They put him in their car's trunk and drive him to an isolated location. After fleeing an arranged marriage, a feisty Indian woman finds herself stranded in Pakistan where the ex-governor's son helps reunite her with her boyfriend. Chautala who is patrolling the highway. And the biggest is the climax which does not justify the overall narration. Dev in the end decides that he has to sacrifice his life to expose truth.

These friends are conscientious, they will have fun but would never cross the boundaries - They all have dreams and expectations from life, but as they say - man proposes, god disposes. External audio Audio Jukebox on YouTube. Although outnumbered and in bad state Nunu challenges them to leave Devi behind for him. Chautala outsmarts them on every step and the four slip deep into trouble with every step they try. Watch Our Exclusive Interview.

The four of them are further forced to arrange a rave party with a drug dealer, which is again raided by Chautala. Finally they are arrested on false charges and meanwhile out on bail. Chautala further blackmails them by recording them handing over the money to him, as an evidence of attempting to bribe a policeman. Official Facebook Page Official Twitter. Grazing Goat Pictures Pvt.

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Aata Majhi Satakli Lyrics. They are at the cusp of their lives - The college has just about finished, but career path is yet to be set. Akshay Kumar, Asin, Himesh Reshammiya.

Performance wise it needed more punch from the debutants, Mohit Marwah as Dev looks too stiff and needs diction lessons as his dialogues are not clear. Gaurav as usual tries to act smart and gets involved in a scuffle with Chautala.

He forces them into drug dealing as well to extract more juice out of them. At night they break into his shop and thrash him warning him not to see her again. Arfi Lamba as Aditya becomes quite monotonous after a point and his comedy tracks look forced. Sar Jo Tera Chakraye Lyrics.

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Boxer Vijendra Singh sleep walks through his role of Gaurav and is average as the fun loving Jat. Dev tricks him by cutting off his own life support and getting into a scuffle with Chautala. Kiara Advani as Devi is crackling and justifies her character well and she shines amongst the other debutants Mohit and Vijendra, watch out for this girl. Discover Katrina Kaif's Watchlist. In the morning after severe threat he puts up a demand of Rs.

Audible Download Audio Books. Dev, Devi, Gaurav and Aditya are close friends. The underachieving son of a marriage bureau owner attempts to marry a don's daughter to a supposed police officer in an effort to prove his worth to his father.

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They are intercepted by Inspector R. Gaurav is isolated from the politics his family is into and is the only educated person in his family. Kabir Sadanand took a topical subject but fails in the narration, it neither falls into the category of serious cinema nor a comedy. Chautala kills Nunu in order to frame them in his murder case.

Moreover, it possesses a very rare virtue, a conscience. Dev is very angry and decides to teach him a lesson. The four of them decide that they had enough and want to expose him in a sting operation. This article is about the Hindi film.

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Gaurav is nice hearted, but always high on adrenaline because of his influential father. These are the last few days of true freedom that we have all gone through, and still cherish. When he checks the car he discovers Nunu inside the trunk. Their fun filled and care free life comes to an abrupt halt, when they are faced with an extremely corrupt and seemingly fearless Police Officer.

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This is telecast live on the news. Rest of the cast sleep walk through their portrayal. When India's top batsman goes missing in the Middle East, two mismatched cops must team up for a hour manhunt before the cricket final. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Goa, Pritam meets his love Geeta after many years.


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