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Garden Secrets - Hidden Objects by Text. Paranormal Case - A thrilling enquiry at the frontiers of the supernatural! The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond. Jekyll's sinister secret and help him to avoid mortal danger! Deadly Association Behind every big success is a terrible secret.

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Million Dollar Quest Travel around the world looking for clues to Sandra's past on her quest to win a million dollars. Solve numerous puzzles to help a mother return her son from the mirror-world!

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Join an adventurous captain's search for her lost love in this romantic hidden object challenge featuring tropical locations, cursed sailors and the power of true love. Secrets of Treasure House. Try out this safe and reliable download with no strings attached, today. Long Way Home, an amazing tale based on Homer's famous epic. Try to be a world known star with Hollywood - The Director's Cut!

You will only realize this when you are halfway through the game. An ancient curse and haunting spirits are troubling Jessica in hidden object game called Blue Tear. Mystery Of The Lunar Archipelago. Mystery Detective Adventure.

All the games are presented in full versions with no time limits. Hollywood - The Director's Cut. Remember me on this computer. Murder on the Titanic Unravel a tale of murder and conspiracy on the doomed ship with Inspector Magnusson - Murder on the Titanic. Solve cunning puzzles and help a shaman save an island!

Space Legends Space Legends brings you to a faraway universe where Elizabeth and Steve are trapped in a time-space. To set things right, you must help Sprill collect everything that's out of place, in Sprill and Ritchie- Adventures In Time! Precious game time will also be wasted on exiting and watching these advertisements.

Hidden Object Games Free Download

Chronicles of Albian - The Magic Convention Prepare a wondrous castle for the grand meeting of the most powerful wizards in the land. Visit the legendary Roman Empire! Detective of Spirit World It's time to prove that you are the cleverest in finding the legendary items.

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Help Sam to solve the mystery of a poisoned dagger and rescue the Princess. Collect all the evidence and find out the cruel criminal! The treasures of the lost kingdom. Hypnosis Hypnotize patients to figure out the mysterious circumstances, behind a doctor's disappearance from a psychiatric clinic. The Legend of the Snow Kingdom.

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You can be sure to find a theme that suits your gameplay. Reveal all the secrets searching even in the darkest corners of the rooms! Celtic Lore A new adventure hidden object game with mysterious spirit of Celtic legends. Join Leonardo da Vinci in an exciting adventure in the search for the Philosopher's Stone!

Organize the perfect wedding ceremony for your best friends! The Ocean Fantasy Difference. Legacy Tales - Mercy of the Gallows. The Curse of King Tut's Tomb Search for clues and missing objects to discover who's murdered Emily's friend Lord Carnarvon and find the missing treasure of Tutankhamun.

Wave of Time Wave of Time shows what happens when you try to change the past. Travel to Ancient Rome, solve riddles and win the emperor's daughter heart! Tower of Darkness Queen's Quest - Tower of Darkness is a hidden object, fairy tale adventure that will have you on a noble quest.

Witche's Pranks In this game you will need to set free the frog-princes from Witch's captivity. Hope Lake Find out what happened to the teacher and female student in Hope Lake puzzle game. All the games in GameTop are legally licensed.

Vanished in Rome An exciting hidden object adventure in the eternal city, galaxy y root file Rome! The Soul Reaver is a hidden object puzzle game that is full of adventure and detective mystery solving. Weeping Skies Weeping Skies is a hidden object game with mind-bending puzzles.

Become the owner of a mansion and restore a magnificent garden! The Mystery of the Dragon Prince.

Vampire Romance Live a forbidden love story in Paris! Journey to the amazing Zuzuland in this fun Hidden Object game!

Secrets of the Treasure House. Join the Simmons family as they embark on their Family Vacation to sunny California in this family-friendly adventure. Pirate Adventure Unravel the secret of an ancient casket, relieve the mysterious Ghost linked to the curse of Pirateville, and figure out the astonishing surprise ending!

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Destroy the source of the Iron Lord's power. Help Joe to restore his ramshackle ranch house and earn a fortune! Curse of the Emerald Tear. Mystery of Dragon Prince Explore an ancient castle that has been cursed!

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Solve all the riddles and mysteries! Help the adventurers find the ancient city and reveal all its mysteries!

Mystery of Poisoned Dagger Help Sam to solve the mystery of a poisoned dagger and rescue the Princess. Conduct your own investigation and find a ruthless killer!