How do you hook up two amps in a car, can you hook up two amps in a car

Wiring Two Amps in One Car Audio System

Connect the speaker wires from the amplifier to the speakers. Brad, In spite of its published specifications, that amplifier doesn't have enough power for one of those subs, much less two. It has rca inputs and outputs. Three double A's however, no. Jesse, The only safe way to connect those subs to that amp is like this.

  • Sometimes the best way to add muscle to your sound is by simply combining a couple of amps that you already own.
  • Mike, Despite that amplifier's published specifications, I think that it only has enough power for one of those subs but not two.
  • You could experiment with high-pass settings for your tweeters and low-pass for the mid-bass drivers until it sounds good to you.

Each amp has its own inline fuse, coming out the distribution block. My next question is will this setup be safe for the amp and the subs? And if so, hooking up for sex how to calculate the impedance? Their toll-free number is on your invoice and you get free lifetime support for your products. Do you ground everything to the same point?

Installing Multiple Car Audio Amplifiers

How to Install a Car Amp (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Please advise which one and how to wire those, don't know what is the lowest impedance for K using two subs. My pioneer has a front rear and sub ra connection spot. Make sure you set the amp gain so no distortion ever plays. What is the line out on a fender amp?

Use a connection in the vehicle's fuse box that turns on and off with the car, if your receiver has no remote connection. And would this be a good subwoofer for the amp? Disconnect the antenna cable and main wiring harness from the rear of the head unit.

And finally where and how should I install the line out converter. First, under the hood of your vehicle, disconnect the cable from the Negative - terminal of the battery. Tracy, A capacitor provides a jolt of power to an electrical system when the demand exceeds the normal supply.

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Josh, You still have not identified your gear by model numbers. Yes, connect them in series. For more specific options, just get in touch with a member of Crutchfield's Sales Advisor Team via phone or chat - just click on the Contact Us link at the very top of this page.

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Tone Stacking with Two Amps

How do you wire 2 amps together

If they are, then hook up an external speaker to the radio's output for that side to see if it is the radio at fault. What would happen if you hooked it up and the subs blew? Can you hook up two amps in a car. How many amps of current flow through alternator brushes? Guitars Bass Amps Pedals Players.


Most wiring kits come with a fuse built in to the power cable. James, That mono subwoofer amplifier can't reproduce the notes in vocal range. As the typical subwoofer amplifier will be two or three times more powerful than the full-range amp in a system, that's where the greatest demand will occur, when the bass hits. The price difference between two wire gauges i.

Can you hook up two amps in a car

Eddie, You can absolutely do that. Will this be enough power for the subs and what wiring do you recommend? If you want advice or a question answered about a system, top free dating apps you must identify all the equipment by brand names and model numbers. The model number and impedances are marked by the wiring terminals. These are sometimes filtered which has the benefits of an active crossover without the extra equipment or installation expense.


However, I can't seem to find any two channel amps on here that supply w or greater of power. How do you connect two amplifire'S together? What happens when two positive battery terminals touch?

How to Install a Car Audio Amplifier and Subwoofer

How do you wire 2 amps together
  1. Then to each individual amplifier.
  2. Mike, That wiring kit will be fine for those two amplifiers as long as the main power cable run is no longer than about thirteen feet.
  3. For instance, you mention Infinity tweeters and speakers.
  4. Turn all the knobs on your amps all the way down and turn your radio down.
  5. Check out How to connect an amplifier to a factory system for help with that.
  6. Or is it even possible to do that and i not what would you recommend.

And finally, am I going about this all wrong, should I be looking at an entirely different setup altogether? Once I install the new rear speakers, will I have to go back in and cut the speaker connection from the receiver to the factory harness? You are in line to receive a call from. Try it and if you think the bass overpowers the mids and highs, then you can bridge the channels to run the front speakers.

It sounds like you'll benefit yourself greatly by giving us a call and having an Advisor help you get all the gear that'll work and fit in your vehicle. You'd connect the factory radio's speaker output wires to the amp's inputs via a harness or adapter. As for the grounds - the rule of thumb is to ground your amplifiers to the same spot, so as to not encourage ground loops. This will allow you to switch from one amp to another just by pushing a button with your foot.

Even though I put the Bluetooth special mode in rear with subwoofer it still takes up both channels for the rear I can't split the other one. Get separate amps for your different model subs. You would know when you bought the amp. Subsonic filters what should it be turned at along with the other nobs to? Warnings Anytime your are working with electricity there is always the potential for danger.

And I'd be more confident in any advice I give you if I knew the brand names and model numbers of your gear. From the block outputs routed the wire to each amp. Why don't you give us a call and talk with an Advisor about possible solutions. So I need to connect my sub to amp with factory radio. If I had two amps running their own power lines straight from the battery, dating site how would I wire the capacitor?

Can you hook up two amps in a car

Joe, You most certainly can put together a system as you describe, but running an active audio system is a lot more complex than a passive one. Give us a call at and an Advisor will help you get what you need. Now the circuit will connect up again as if you never cut the cable, and you can measure amps. Craig, You may find it easier to go ahead and run the factory rear speakers off the amplifier until you get replacements. Mounting a cap on the sub amp's power cable as close to that amp as possible will provide the fastest deliver of power where it's most needed.

Imagine this effect, but much greater. For amplifiers that do not have fuse protection you should use a fused distribution block. Both of these amps equal amp, so i have a amp breaker at the battery. Currently I have the subs wired to just one of the two terminal cups on the box and I was wondering if there is any reason that I should wire each sub to its own terminal cup. If it is, and the amp's going into protection mode, then either something's wrong with the wiring or the amp.

Tone Stacking with Two Amps

How do I Wire RCA Cable for Multiple Amps

How to Wire Multiple Amps in a Car
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