Kid Games For Mobile

Kid games for mobileKid games for mobile

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Disney Crossy Road Why should the chicken get all the fun? Fanciful garden sim with an environmental message. Zap Trap Complete Missions with Penn! Monsters Inc Coloring Pages. You can browse their entire library by clicking the button below.

Get the Android Authority app on Google Play. You pay to get the rest of it. They are completely free to download and play. Plum Landing Mountain Scramble Build your own mountain ecosystem! Kim Possible Trivia Animated.

Wild Kratts Archerfish Bug Rush! Building, Gadgets, Wildlife, Dress Up. Download from Google Play. Players help friends during the adventure. Tic Tac Tangled No need waste paper to play puzzle games!

Collect, connect and pop Tsums based on your favorite Disney Tsum Tsum plushes. Your source for all things Android! Coloring book makes art easy for budding painters. Martha Speaks How to be an Inventor Learn about famous inventors! Martha Speaks Martha Seeks Help the pups dig for bones!

Help Cat in the Hat clean up the neighborhood, by recycling and composting items. Sydney's Astro Tracker Learn about different asteroids in this fast-moving, asteroid tagging game! Martha Speaks Martha Steaks Help Martha and friends jump, run, and flip to collect their favorite meat!

Curious George Flower Garden Grow a flower garden! Build a city for the Fidgits that will stay safe and dry during a flood. Ultimate Spider-Cycle Join Spidey on a fast action quest atop a rocket-chopper with no equal. Clean up and sort all of the waste in Cyberspace. These are the classics and the ones you've probably heard of.

The games cost more if purchased seaprately. Close Download our app for the best mobile experience. Play on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device for free! Desktop, tablet, photo picture frames and mobile device compatible! See how many times you can Pascal!

Kid games for mobile

Arthur Being a Friend Enjoy these interactive comics with a buddy! Star Wars Arcade Enter the Star Wars Arcade, play amazing new Star Wars games, collect tokens, earn trophies and decorate your very own room featuring your favorite Star Wars characters. Rain Boots How many stylish stylish rain wear outfits can you recreate from memory. Did this specific Top Picks list help you decide to do any of the following? Ghost Raid Fly the Ghost across the galaxy and raid Imperial shipments for the growing rebellion!

Odd Squad Code Breaker Crack the code and get into top secret areas in headquarters. Now featuring new characters and a new chapter!

Habitats, Environment, Wildlife. Why should the chicken get all the fun?

Kid games for mobile

Pretty much all of their stuff is completely free. They also have educational value for the player.

Ice Cream Paradise is a freemium match-three game similar to Candy Crush. Plum Landing Jungle Jeopardy Build your own rainforest ecosystem! Odd Squad Odd Cases Odd things are happening all over town. Use creature power suits to help invite all the monkeys for Grabsy's birthday! Most of the games are adventure games with varying mechanics, but almost every game is easy to learn and enjoyable to play.

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Stylish Sporty Play the dress up game Stylish Sporty and see how many sporty outfits you can recreate from memory. Wreckreation Rift The demolition derby comes to Mellowbrook Arena! Ouch Game Jungle Jeopardy Build your own rainforest ecosystem! Finding Nemo Coloring Pages.

Games in Videos Learn Spanish and play games while watching videos of Noah and friends! No need waste paper to play puzzle games!

Cyberchase Rescue Ecotopia! Fish, Oceans, Wildlife, Geography. None of the games have overly complicated game mechanics.

There are seven total floors, each with its own set of characters and mini-games. Surf's Up Play the style copier dress up game Surf's Up and see how many surf outfits you can recreate from memory before time runs out. Dinosaur Train Rail Rally Play as all the different engines on racing day! Mixing up cartoon characters is good, clean fun. Odd Squad Pienado Watch out for flying pie!

Navigate, Problem Solving, Nature. Arthur Family History Fun!

Plum Landing Make a Mangrove Build your own ecosystem in a mangrove! Shelter puppies thrive under kind virtual care. Most of the games have free and paid versions so you can pick and choose which ones you need. Disney Yourself Create and share your Disney self with friends and family using Disney-inspired outfits and accessories.

The full versions are usually relatively cheap as in-app purchases. The games are surprisingly expensive, but they're rock solid experiences. Only a few require a full purchase. Thank you for checking us out!