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1st Battalion Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association

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You do not have to stay at the hotel to participate, but coaches will only depart from the Millennium Hotel. What struck me about the whole jol was how the years have diluted my fear of rank.

Lion roar Ringtones - Free by ZEDGE

Robin Tarr Terry Griffin pointed me in this direction and I must say it is wonderful to hear of and see familiar names and faces somewhat older naturally! He then points to Woody and starts accusing him.

It is funny though, the older we get, the more we seem to dream of the old days, lost loves, lost friends and family and mostly the loss of our belov ed country. Before going to the show the boys got nicely tanked up and full of Dutch courage. We hope this year is better on the home front, but have some hopeful prospects cropping up, with a Rhodesian Forces Day coming up and some links we have heard about concerning new members. Those bullets must have scorched the paint on his flight helmet.

They never got the matchwood back! We continue to talk of old times until I am eventually poured onto the southbound train to London in the early evening, thankfully without my sword, greens etc. After arriving we were sweeping toward the enemy base. Launch of Fund Raising Initiatives There had been a number of new fund raising initiatives during the year, i. The gallery was also to be updated.

Skippy Mitchell was unable to attend but sent Charlie Norris a report by e-mail. The table was set with the best food that I had seen in a long time. We would therefore be extremely grateful for allowing a link on your site to what has become a real trip down memory lane for us. George Dempster had volunteered to set up a website. It had been an incredibly humbling and moving experience.

He also thanked Carol for organizing things and all the ladies that had helped. The attendance of some members and guests.

1st Battalion Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association

Millions of spuds over the years were boiled and pulverized beyond recognition but sometimes French fries or roast potatoes were served up. What a great day for reflections and nostalgia and a great place for anyone from our fine Battalion to visit. Since then they have focused their attention on the restoration of the Troopie and other Battalion paraphernalia. The whole show had been a resounding success.

Could we ask members to assist by donating to the museum project. Thank you to Steve Hageman for stepping forward as a contact for Welkom and surrounding areas. George explained the format for the day before asking Chris Cocks to read a message from our Patron - Digger Essex Clerk. Thank you to Ian Scott and Scott Wiggill for the excellent work they did in entertaining the ouens with good music and song.

It was rumoured that due to sanctions and shortages, the Blue Jobs had later experimented with hessian parachutes for the dropping of supplies. Skippy thanked all the members and also the ladies in the Association for their support. The first goal had therefore been achieved. There would also be an international appeal going out.

Our Museum continues to improve and expand and is attracting increasing numbers of visitors as more people hear about it. There was an idea to set up Unit Liaison Officers to look for people. They also wanted to interact and liaise with other military associations and to preserve the history. It is a very moving event. Name badges had been made and certificates were printed.

The whole Association owes him a huge debt of gratitude. Without you men and ladies the event just would not have been the success it was. It has been a much improved year financially but not all members have paid their subs.

Lion roar Ringtones Download

We really would find these photos a great help. The main focus for the year had been on setting up the museum. When I kicked it I damn near broke my toe, as it was solid metal. Ron Reid-Daly to say hello to some of the ouens from that region Cape Town.

As you see, Cindy is also considering another swim in which she hopes to beat a time limit that will be set beforehand. Sadly many good guys opted for the money.

The corrugated roof went flying about feet into the air and started coming down toward Bob as we watched in horror. Graze Army cooks came in all shapes and sizes but very few were overfed. Good to have you on board.

Should anybody wish to contact Dr Peter Jones his contact details are as follows? It was a miracle I only had a big red nylon burn welt through my jumpsuit inside my left arm, as that static cord should have torn my arm off. Ian MacFarlane, based in Australia, linux fedora 13 is now the new editor for the e-Cheetah and his very good first edition had just been sent out to members.

Papi continues to raise funds for the association on his own, including arranging a pooitjie competition. Those days, and the generosity of the Association toward Eunice and me, will live with us to the end of our days. It was also mentioned that the continuation of the society in the future depended on getting sons and daughters to join and to strengthen the bond of brotherhood. We were walking up the steps when we heard this commotion behind us. America has not yet formed a branch.

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The Chairman showed a slide presentation of the organization. Hux Gary Huxham gary elginflp. After he finished in the Rhodesian Army, Paul worked for several years for an oil company, looking at potential sites around the world before settling down in Israel and working on a kibbutz.

We know that Face Book and other social networking sites are proving very successful in this respect and we would like to keep up the momentum and to strengthen our membership even further. We were even complimented on our intelligent questions and asked if I was born in Rhodesia! This was followed by a minute of silence. After dishing up I took a jar with brown stuff that resembled gravy and commenced pouring a generous portion onto my rice and meat. Till the next comms, keep safe.

This bag was left in the water and stewed for hours and sometimes days. The Trooper Statue and our Colours have been relocated and rededicated.

Chris Cocks gave a report for Mark Adams. Of course we would ensure appropriate rest breaks and rehydration points! Neill Jackson as the co-author told how it had been decided that complimentary copies of the book would be given to family members of the deceased personally.