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Description Starts the auto-release block. Description Clears the undo and redo stack.

Like other Macromedia products, Fireworks operates with a system of groupable panels that you can dock attach to the side of the main interface or reposition anywhere on the display. Returns if Fireworks is not in bitmap mode, or if null there is no pixel selection. The Fireworks Object The Fireworks object The Fireworks object is a global object, which you can use to set or retrieve properties that relate to the current operating environment.

The following table lists the methods of the ContourNode object, along with their parameters. Description Sets the color to the specified value for the Hotspots and slices in the selection. Page Description Exports the specified document to the specified file.

RectanglePrimitive object The following table lists the properties and methods of the RectanglePrimitive object, along with their data types and, where appropriate, acceptable values and notes. Description Sets the selection to the specified fill. Property Data type Notes name string The name that appears in the Fill panel.

Description Attaches the selected text to the selected path. Our releases are to prove that we can! Use to restore the selection.

Ignored by Fireworks but are accepted for compatibility title previewArea with Dreamweaver. With the verification you expressively agree with our Disclaimer. Description Opens the Property inspector. Description Verifies that the selection matches the current search string and replaces it with the replacement string.

LiveEffect Returns Nothing. Description Deletes a layer. Property Inspector Functions Returns Nothing. Gigantic-screen phone for a gigantic price. The tutorials about toon boom studio were extraordinary.

Optionally adds an instance of the symbol to the document. Returns if none null of the documents can be opened.

If the table is center-aligned, the string is. Description Sets up a search. All Slices object properties are read-only. Description Sets the selection to the specified fill and fill color. Applies to only one pair or characters.

The third value displays a Save dialog box. Example The following command adds a new rectangle slice with the specified coordinates. Description Performs a crop operation on the selected paths.

An optional Boolean argument. The low bandwidth movies are slightly more compressed and smaller in file size, allowing for faster streaming.

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Description Leaves bitmap mode. Description Applies the specified pixel filter to the selection. Description Flattens the entire document into a single pixel image.

When this object is used to set properties, the only required property is. Succeeds only if the object immediately below the selection is a bitmap. These specific properties are available for each of the following elements when the elements are selected. Description Deselects any selected items. Description Sets the grid size for the document.

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Macromedia Fireworks MX

The new objects have all the attributes mask, stroke, fill, and so on of the replaced ones. Style object The following table lists the properties of the Style object, along with their data types and, where appropriate, acceptable values and notes. Page Description xtracts the component elements from the selected symbol and places copies of those elements in the document. Page Description Converts the selected item s to a new animation symbol. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

This site is not directly affiliated with Macromedia. Though its interface suffers from a mass of palettes and toolbars, basic like Macromedia?

Description Sets the color that is used to display normal nonslice guides. Description Moves and resizes the selection in a single operation.

Description Rebuilds the color table for the current export settings of the document. Sounds great, but lacks vision.

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Example The following command sets the canvas color to blue. Description Specifies whether normal guides are visible. Returns The mask for the current pixel selection. Page Description Makes a duplicate of the selection, offsetting it slightly from the original.

Description Swaps the current brush color and current fill color. Working With Selected Objects The following table lists the properties of the Slices object, along with their data types and, where appropriate, acceptable values and notes.