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Benjamin Bratt's Character Revealed! Addison decides that she and Sam can't keep their relationship a secret, and tries to tell Naomi, but doesn't until the end of the day resulting in Naomi telling her to back her up with the merger. Cooper finds out that Charlotte has been looking for a house and when he asks why, she explains that it reminds her of everything bad that ever happened in their relationship. While things at their own wedding get interesting when their parents decided they shouldn't get married only for Cooper and Charlotte to get married in Vegas.

Pete survives his surgery, but it was a close call. Sheldon has a suicidal patient with a shocking confession. After realizing what's best, Addison delivers the baby, but when the woman is explaining to Pete about his hospital he built, he decides that he should go back there to help rebuild it. Addison and Sam deal with a newborn baby who has a tumor wrapped around her heart. While Violet and Pete are having dinner with an old friend of Pete's, they discover that he has been operating on patients in his home.

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After coming back to the practice Sam and everyone else realize that they should all be with Addison for support and head to her side, except Sheldon and Violet. After accepting the offer to go to Fiji with the supermarket man, Addison turns back and tries to save the practice. While Gluck initially served as a guest star, he was promoted to series regular later on in the season.

Cooper and Violet believe that Betsy is being abused and set out to find out if she really is. Cooper gets enraged when he finds out about Erica and Mason's accident and demands that she never drives with Mason again. Everyone at the practice is brought to a halt when Betsy's aunt, who has been taking care of her since Dell's death, shows up and leaves Betsy in Violet's care. Jake reveals to Addison that he has feelings for her, while Sheldon tries to convince Sam to put Corrine in a facility, but Sam decides he can take care of her himself. Pete comes home with good news for Violet, stating that everyone thinks she should publish the book.

Addison links up again with her mentor. Charlotte and Cooper are then forced to tell Mason that Erica only has one week left to live, and Erica decides after that day she doesn't want to see Mason so he can remember her healthy. After examining his mother, Pete finds out that Adam got their mother out of jail by poisoning her. Meanwhile, Erica is finally forced to tell Mason why they are really in Seattle. Jake and Sam find out that they both kissed Addison on the same day, but when Sam confronts her, she states that she only really has time for Henry, the newborn baby boy she adopted.

List of Private Practice episodes. Watch Private Practice now on. Naomi hires Amelia to work in the practice, bano qudsia novel raja gidh in urdu and Sheldon suggests ways for Naomi to work through her anger towards Sam and Addison.

Violet finds out that Sheldon has been dating Marla Tompkins, the reviewer that bashed her. Addison and Violet begin to find ways that Addison can get pregnant, while Violet tries not to see everything that is wrong with her marriage. While cleaning up the house after Violet left, Pete suffers a heart attack.

When finding out that Bizzy had already arranged her own funeral, Addison is surprised to find that she had arranged for her to give the eulogy. Everyone worries where Sheldon has disappeared, while Addison adjusts to being a new mother. Sheldon begins worrying that Amelia might be on drugs again, only to find out that Amelia's about twenty weeks pregnant. Naomi inherits millions from her boyfriend William White following his death. But when she teams up with James for a medical procedure and then agrees to dinner, one thing lead to another.

Addison and Jake go to a medical conference, and Addison gets drunk and pursues Jake, but tells her she isn't ready for sex. He starts an affair with a writer who gave Violet's new book a bad review despite the warning from Cooper that the affair is going to jeopardise his friendship with Violet. Cooper and Charlotte try to have sex for the first time since Charlotte's attack. Joanna's husband David breaks into Violet's house and knocks Violet unconscious. Sheldon and Violet deal with a couple, a man who is being executed for a wrongful crime, and the wife who has been trying for seventeen years to get him off death row.

Everyone begins talking to Amelia in an effort to convince her to go to rehab, but Ryan shows up and Addison finds that Amelia gave him her father's watch. After Susan collapses at the wedding, Addison rushes to save her life.

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Michelle moves in with Amelia, and when Amelia comes back from the store she finds Michelle overdosed on her medication on purpose, and Amelia begins the path to drugs again. Sam and Sheldon try to find out what is really wrong with Corrine, and Sheldon finds that she might not have all of the problems that the prison doctors said she has. Charlotte finds out that her attacker is in the hospital after being stabbed by his girlfriend, and has to decide if Sam should let him live or not. Violet tries to convince Cooper that he's angry that Erica is dying.

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Violet gets a book deal, the details of which offend her friends and colleagues. Sam and Addison are still dating but are at different points in their lives. With a special farewell to the doctors of Seaside Health and Wellness, Addison marries Jake with Naomi by her side, Cooper must cope with being a stay-at-home father and Violet starts a new project. While waiting for her flight to New York, Violet sees a couple fighting in the terminal and tries to counsel the wife.

Charlotte goes into labor. Charlotte goes to therapy, but is shocked when the therapist gives her prescriptions instead of listening to her talk. Addison and Jake implant sperm into her eggs in an effort to get her pregnant. Naomi's head is elsewhere so neither women Addison or Naomi is actually on the same page as him.

Violet tells Naomi that she has written a book that will be published. Violet is having trouble moving on now that Pete isn't around, but it's a patient's disturbing admission that has her turning to Sheldon. Amelia's been sober for a year now and Sheldon lights up a romance with his ex-wife. Addison is concerned that the judge in Henry's case still has concerns about Jake. After getting attacked, Charlotte goes to find aid to help on, only for Pete to find her.

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Fife returns to pledge his love for Naomi and to bring her back to where he was. After the District Attorney's office tells Charlotte and Cooper that they won't be prosecuting Lee, Charlotte begins talking in a new chipper way show Cooper she's okay. Cooper and Charlotte get a phone call from a frightened Mason and rush to the hospital with Amelia to find that Erica's condition has worsened and that there are now more tumors.

Amelia can fix the pain without killing the baby. She is currently helping her friend deal with a fatal disease. Erica begins secret chemotherapy treatments, forcing Charlotte and Cooper to keep Mason in the dark.

Violet tells Pete that he needs to get a therapist. Pete's brother, Adam, comes to Pete for help when he believes that the treatment his mother is getting in prison is going to result in their mother dying.

In the beginning of the season a major part of the story-line is Amelia's drug addiction, and how all of the doctors work to try to save her. Archived copy as title Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter. Miranda meets Sheldon's friends. Naomi eventually admits that she isn't happy with where her life is at the moment and makes a decision to find her purpose elsewhere. Addison begins planning Bizzy and Susan's wedding.

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