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The ending felt slip-shot even for me, I don't buy it, marnie and ray the cell phone. But one thing i can say for sure that i want to follow the next project of this screenwriter and director! But it still would be outside the studio. The feeling still remains.

Queen in hyun's man cast dating
  1. If it started off with just boongdo or heejins time then we wouldn't have been as hooked to know how they came to love eachother like that from their separate times.
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  3. Well almost perfect drama coz nothing is perfect.
  4. But that would make it more confusing.
  • Hee-jin recovering her memories and realizing that the letter was not written for Queen In-hyun but for her should be reasonable enough to summon Mr Playerest Player That Ever Played to be with her.
  • Up till then, I was hoping she'd somehow survive all the loss of blood.
  • Others have coined the term fanwank.

It just so happens that Heejin remembered him at that crucial moment. She playfully calls him out on lying, saying that the evidence is right there, and points to his letter projected on the screen. Everything was so well-placed that I was convinced it would be perfect through and through.

Honestly without the first one I wouldn't have found this drama. People lapped the idea of the talisman, an inanimate object transporting someone to the future, but not a phone just because there's no electricity? As she talks we see Boong-do standing in her path, three hundred years ago.

Seriously I loved Boongdo's smarty pants and all, but Hangyul's vulnerability was really much better. It just checked me out of the drama, and I could not properly feel the happiness of the reunion. To be sure, there are a number of ways I could probably explain the ending. The romance too was quite fast instead of a build up given the different cultures the characters came from she just pulls him in for a kiss?

Talisman was the connection source of the Bong-doo and the phone is connection source of Hee-jin. All in all this was still an really really awesome drama. Did the whole room transport with him?

Queen In-hyun s Man (TV Series ) - IMDb

What more can we go through? When we have to come up with all kinds of reasoning to force the ending to make sense than the writers have failed in that regard. Like Hee-jin, the sight of the palace brings nostalgia with it.

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But I am ok with the ending. Look, I'm as hopelessly romantic as the next person, but things must be logical even in a time travel world. Still love the show though! It was hard to see through a veil of tears.

Queen In-hyun s Man

Oh, the deus ex machina, the higher power that swoops onto the stage in the last act and cleans up the messes created by the humans. The conversation between them always played great meaning in the whole drama. Boong-do finds himself surrounded by armed men who call for his arrest on charges of murder. And the episode was sooo sad! Been dying literally dying for it.

But the talisman made sense within the boundaries of logic that was being set up in that world, whereas the cellphone just felt like some cheap, last-minute trick to me. The talisman was written by a monk but i believe that i got its power from Yoon-wol's love for him. He fashions it into a noose and prepares to hang himself. The love that ties them together was in that letter and it found its way to her and her memory of him came flooding back. If the eyes are the windows to the soul theirs is just full of love towards each other.

It was too easy and too clean and didn't take either of their efforts to accomplish. Learn more More Like This. How realistic can that be? It's ok, free western european I'm not fixating on it any more.

This is all terribly cute and amusing! While I appreciate the many, many ways of explaining the metaphorical meanings and what not, it's still a wide stretch. The talisman had its own logic, sure, but in the end it was still just a magical piece of paper written by a bald guy. Theirer final separation a year go was while they were on the phone. Dramas that deliver such emotional impact are rare gems, and to weave in fantasy, romance and philosophy in a package that is beautifully directed is a super bonus.

Nice way to tie in the talisman and the cell phone. The legal drama centers around Jang Hye Sung, a brazen, sharp-tongued female attorney who says everything that comes to her mind with no filter. He looks from the crowd of people gathered to the men, sizes up his odds, and drops his weapon to surrender. People pointed out that she left ppl think she was dumb so she could do what she liked and surprise them.

In the end, I still feel cheated but I can't dismiss as entirely easy either. Maybe it actually activated new properties. Completely ignoring that this time not only does it ring from her side, it rings on his side too. What more can she go through?

Queen In-hyun s Man Episode 16 (Final) Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Hee-jin watches a bit of the dramatic reenactment before Dong-min sweeps her away for a chat. If I were in a more coherent state, then I might be able to analyze the whole deus ex machina thing. If a person lived and died and left no memories then that is eternal death itself. Yes, I totally agree with you.

Yet when she called it got through, not as a phone line but as a lifeline. Well you accepted the time travel right? The number does not even exist. Oh well, about the cellphone. You have no idea how many people told me to watch the kissing.

Queen In Hyun's Man has indeed captured me. She begins to describe the famous tale of the political strife and struggle to reinstate Queen In-hyun, which has formed the basis of many dramatizations. While in Joseon era, he's a central figure in protecting the queen of that age Queen In Hyun. My girlfriend informs me they recently started dating in real life, which is not surprising based on how they interacted on screen. This reality is one without Boong Do, when he burnt the talisman, Hui Jin's reality changed again.

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Now that being said I know he didn't die but for once he accepted the reality of it wholehearted, no mechanism, no selfish desire, just the desire to right his wrongs. Now onward to the great phone debate! He has to lose everything even her as effect to the use of talissman. All that said, I do agree it was weak. But all in all, this was a real good drama, not and now I don't know what to do with my life.

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