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He doesn't update trainers anymore. When I load the trainer and the game I see in the status Game is off.

Defense is the first priority at all times. Soon there will be no food and the peasants will leave the castle. Press record, record what you want to say and click stop.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme GAME TRAINER v 8 Trainer - download

When your army is built up, you can just waltz over and wipe the whole castle off the map. The ground troops will walk to the gatehouse to destroy them but they can't get through, so they just walk back to their spot. The rate of spawning during the game can be changed for each outpost on custom skirmish maps, as can the type of units spawned. Leave an opening in your castle walls, heavily defend the opening. Be aware that you can't change the file back to its original voice unless you reinstall the game.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme GAME TRAINER 12 Trainer - download

Files for Stronghold Crusader Extreme

You need a microphone to do this. Was certainly not planned. Sneak him to the tower and let him kill the engineers. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme GAME TRAINER 12 Trainer - download

Also, the gatehouse s you blocked might spontaneously crumble after a while. Yeah, i tried it yesterday, none of the cheats work. What's new New posts Latest activity. Do not get locked into the concept of enclosing your castle.

You can also do this with any other file in the speech folder. See the above tactic for using an ox tether to block the enemies gate, but only use this on particularly difficult boards as you will not be able to collect stone. The attack waves from outposts also tend to get bigger later on in the game, sometimes enough to form an almost continuous line of attacking troops. These outposts take the form of mercenary post outposts or barracks outposts, creating Arabian and European units respectively.

You will find a bunch of sound files. Immediately put the Oxen Tethers to sleep. Starting tactic, set game speed to lowest possible setting and spot your initial towers and crossbowmen. Could we have an update, please? Quite often the best tactic is to surround your village area with towers filled with crossbowmen and ballistas.

Using a power diminishes the bar, the extent on this depending on the level of the power in the list. Enemy towers that have seige engines can be taken out with the Assassin. The power bar replenishes over time and contains an ascending series of buttons to press. Make a death pass between two walls at that openeing, funnelling the enemy into a narrow place filled with swordsmen or pikemen.

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If you can defend then you can later go on offense. There are some scenarios where a god mode would help more then gold. Your enemy's buildings outside of the castle will spontaneously crumble because the workers can't get back inside the castle. This trainer just needs to be in the Stronghold folder correct?

Please update Mr anti fun. Put speed back after to preferred setting after you're set up. Especialy in those where you have to storm castles and have no economy at all.

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Stronghold Crusader Extreme is usually much more difficult if you do not use the powers, so not using them at all is a good idea if you want a challenge. The same goes for stronghold hd. All adversaries and missions from the Warchest edition of Stronghold Crusader have been implemented in the game. After finally beating the Crusader Trail challenge, english to tamil legal dictionary here's some tactics that work well.

At Least not the old ones. Starkiller Well-Known Member.

There is no trainer for this game on the internet anymore. Was wondering if you figured out popularity ever? To make this easier, put the list of files in alphabetical order.

The small army will be trapped inside their own walls awaiting your arrival. Click on that and it should bring up the sound recorder. You can always put it back in to send up reinforcements. Instead of going to file save, press the close box and it should come up with a message stating the directory of the file changed and it will ask you if you want to save the changes.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme HD Trainer

Stronghold - PC Game Trainer Cheat PlayFix No-CD No-DVD

Forums New posts Search forums. Attackers will gravitate to that opening, leaving the rest of your castle clear with walls that don't require defending. Use fire ballistas to burn the enemies farms, he will spend resources on replacing them instead of making new soldiers.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme HD Trainer

Use of our materials is possible only with a direct link to the source. Make sure there are no enemies outside of the castle, or else they will probably come and destroy your oxen tethers. Sir Valentin Active Member. Take a small building such as an Oxen Tether. You can double click to listen to the file.