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Game of shadows is a middle tempo background music track created using a limited number of classical instruments. This instrumental is orchestral based, and provides an intense action and battle feeling.

The music presented here is all from me. Various distortions, sound fluctuations, and variations make the track surreal. Driving, Mysterious, Suspenseful I would like to state, for the record, that this is the worst river cruise I've ever taken.

Rynos Theme Kevin MacLeod incompetech. The melody is dark and tragic, and the hard drums further strengthen it. All this is creepy and makes one want to close with a blanket over his head.

Industrial-sounding music. Please check our store for similar products or use the search engine below. Broaching solo instruments sound alternately, one after another. Feel free to punctuate with your own stabs after you cut around your dialog.

Suspenseful undercover spy agent music with a subtle tone. Suspenseful music is anything that can keep an audience on edge. Some say this is my best epic suspense music.

This piece started its life as a random challenge on a show I do on Twitch. Waiting for a drug deal to go through in Belize? Intense chase music for action sequences such as car or police chases. Fast tempo, solid drums and lots of energy. Sounds used herein, mainly synthetic, but original flute used in some of the fragments.

Industrial Cinematic Kevin MacLeod incompetech. The bright melody of the flute, rhythm of jungle and feeling of the fresh flow of wind. Modern instruments conjointly with the phase and frequency modulation, make a sense of mental imbalance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This horror music is about something ominous coming to get you. You can download this in uncompressed format here. The track causes feelings of despair and loss.

Need exclusive music for your project? This epic track is for telling the story of a video game in the main menu. The music can be very dark at times and can be considered underscore subtle, soft, out of the way a lot of times.

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Di Evantile

Downtown This track will undoubtedly bring the urban spirit into if the video is used as a background for a feature film. Venom Soundtrack unofficial inspired version. Tense, Foreboding, Respectful. Panic music with a very strong feeling of anxiety. Clash Defiant Kevin MacLeod incompetech.

River of Io Kevin MacLeod incompetech. Ideal for using as a loop for thriller type movie or video game. Paranoia is a track with very dark action energy.

You got some clandestine stuff going on? You can actually talk over this battle music! That rough spiccato bass line is off the hook!

Broken electronic beats, tremolo violin in the background and powerful bass line and. Donate Download all of the music on this site at once! Musical instruments that have been used are violin, flute, oboe, clarinet, cello. This track is about the biggest and baddest monster out there. It is mainly about waiting for things.

The track is cyclic and can be used as a background in action films. With Asian, Middle Eastern and electronic influences, this background music track will create an expansive atmosphere, sam concepcion songs mp3 great for thriller or adventure film type.

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The second part of the track is saturated with special effects. Like a musical puffer fish! Symmetry Kevin MacLeod incompetech.

That just sounds like noise! This is the normal default search, and can access every piece in the catalog. Explore full background music catalog and free background music lis t. It creates a sense of anxiety and anticipation.

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Not sure how that happened, I mean Jeez! Pizzicato violins make a rhythm pattern light and airy.

It is good for score film of thriller, mystery, drama, documentary, science fiction or historical type. Additional Licenses available. Great for scoring of madness, horror or action in the half-mad state. Our apologies but this product is no longer available. Crypto Kevin MacLeod incompetech.

As the rhythmic basis here used piano and strings staccato. This documentary music is slow, dark, serious and mysterious. Unrealistic sound effects in combination with violins underscore the border between the real and parallel worlds.