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This lived up to the hype and I can't wait to see it again. It looks like the opportunity was ripe for an invasion of the beast, so we watched what many people would call a real-life implementation of a conspiracy theory. She grabs the case and wins the match. We've got two briefcases up for grabs and six championships on the line.

Corbin battled back and rocked him. Elias comes to the ring and plays an electric guitar for the first time since his acoustic guitar is in pieces. His advocate Paul Heyman had the Money in the Bank contract.

So, do I think we are on the verge of greatness? Baron Corbin showed up instead of Lesnar. Lesnar launched Rollins across the ring with a German suplex. Styles crumbles down and Rollins with a kick to the head and then finishes him off with the Stomp. Lesnar, as Heyman read the Money in the Bank contract, realized that he had a full year to choose which champion he wanted to face and decided against making any decision.

That case brings a lot of power with it. Mandy grabs here and puts her back on the ladder before getting knocked off. Deville puts Roose on her shoulders and climbs her up the ladder. McIntyre picks up Balor in the ring and suplexes him down on a ladder. Evans with a chop block and she cradles Lynch.


Then he grabs Andrade and slams him face-first onto Balor who is taking quite the beating. The Beast left the title and headed up the ramp with Heyman. Outside the ring, Lynch throws Evans hard into the barricade as she goes flying. Carmella is limping back to the ring and has her right knee taped up.

Shane slides to the door and reaches outside of it for a chair. She makes the cover but Evans kicks out. Shane is putting some serious licks on The Miz, throwing him face first into the cage followed by some kicks. Typical good stuff in this rivalry.

At the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, a lot of people were shocked to see you and Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is the eighth man and is now Mr. The Architect grabbed the chair, but Lesnar stopped him.

Lucha House Party is out for an unannounced, six-man tag match for some reason. Braun Strowman was originally set to be in the men's match but Sami Zayn took his spot after beating him - with help from both Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin - on Monday. Exactly what this match needed to be. Before this match, Sami Zayn was backstage talking with Triple H and wanted protection from Braun Strowman but Hunter assured him that Strowman was banned from the building.

Examining their backgrounds, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar could not be any more different. Knowing the ability of Brock Lesnar, hindi bhajan radhe radhe that would be my preference.

And should Brock Lesnar want to reveal what music he listens to, he will do so in the biggest forum possible. What kind of music do you think he is listening to? Kingston was then suddenly attacked from behind by Dolph Ziggler until his New Day partner Xavier Woods arrived to save him.

Charlotte gets back in the ring but Becky with a small package and nearly gets the three count but Charlotte gets to her feet and hits a big boot to the face for the win. Rollins grew tired of Lesnar's antics and decided to leave the ring which prompted Heyman to delay Lesnar's decision. The BeastSlayer will defend his title against Baron Corbin. No rest for the weary as Charlotte Flair comes to the ring and this match is on.

WWE Raw Brock Lesnar teases Money in the Bank cash in

Lesnar delivered another German Suplex, ignoring his advocate. She hits the Bayley to Belly and then sends a running Charlotte face-first into the turnbuckle. Still, I'm a bit surprised that this isn't closing out the show. However, Owens falls outside the ring. The crowd is going nuts and she gets a big celebration including her going into the crowd.

The bells rings and they're all going nuts. Lesnar kicked things off with his advocate Paul Heyman on Monday by confronting both Rollins and Kingston who were eagerly awaiting Lesnar's decision. The Lone Wolf talked about the title, and Seth said he would have to take it from his cold hands.

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Just when Rose gets her hand on the case, Bayley climbs up the other side and knocks them down. We have super popular champions in Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston, and nobody seems to give them a challenge.

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The previous segment was simply a buffer between the title matches. Shane is hanging over the top of the cage and literally slips out of his shirt and falls to the floor, winning the match.

Where there is chaos there is opportunity. He takes him into the ring and destroys him while a helpless Dominick watches his dad get beat up. Jon Moxley, Awesome Kong, Bret Hart and more made the new pro wrestling company's first outing historic. But the champ comes back with a buckle bomb and a top rope splash but can't get the pin.

WWE Is Letting Brock Lesnar Use His WWE Entrance Theme At UFC 200

The pace is picking up as they're exchanging punches and chops. The Lone Wolf said Rollins was living his dream in the ring and claimed he is a dream crusher now. Owens is in control and is mock clapping like The New Day to the crowd before delivering a senton to Kingston's back.

Lynch reverses the move and locks in the Disarm-her and Evans submits. He asked if Lesnar has any of The Beast left in him, he dared Lesnar to come out and cash in his contract. He brought Rollins back into the squared circle.

Brock Lesnar s Using His WWE Entrance Music At UFC